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P2 Putter Grips  

I am a strong believer that the short game is the hardest part of the game. Therefore anything I can do to control the putter face easier is greatly welcome, this is why I am an advocate of the P2 Putter Grip. The grip has a unique way of fitting to club which allows you to feel the putter face being more controlled through your hands. I have used these grips for the last 3 years and I would not use anything else on my putters now. I would strongly suggest to give them a try next time you need a new putter grip. They make various shapes and sizes to cater for all preferences. They are also the makers of an allignment aid called the Trident Allign, this is the worlds first adjustable allignment aid (completely legal for competition play), which ensures that your allignment is not only square to the target, but also not misaligned to the side. This ensures the line of the putt starts where you want it too.

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